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"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,"   —   Matthew 28:19




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cbCIPE Argentina - Chile



e praise God for one of the most moving baptism services we have ever experienced! Several students from the cbCIPE conference were babtized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that day, and one girl's parents joined her and were also baptized.



We thank you for your prayers and give praise to God for the wonderful experience we had together with the Montecito Covenant Church from Santa Barbara, Ca.  The two weeks flew by as they helped with construction and held Vacation Bible School with about 60 kids in attendance in the small town of Bernardo de Irigoyen, Argentina. 

Please go to our Ministry page above for the complete story along with some great photos of our wild time together! 

You can also still log onto the team’s site at:www.argentinamissiontrip.blogspot.com



Let me start out by saying a big THANK YOU to each of you for your cards, flowers and many messages of love and prayer support on behalf of my sister Priscilla and myself.








Many of you have inquired about my sister’s continued health. We thank God for your love and support and we give glory to God as Priscilla’s kidney function continues to improve. We are amazed daily at your love and support.



For the opportunity that Mark had to travel to the Chubut province. Seeing the enthusiasm and hunger for learning of Christians in this region was inspiring. See Ministry page for more information and pictures on this topic.




We Praise God and thank you for all your support and prayers for me (Alice), my family and especially my mother during the illness and passing of my father March 2006.   My mother has adjusted well to her new surroundings (our home in Chicago) and actually LOVES Chicago as much as we do.  You can see mom celebrating her 81st birthday last July, with a special guest appearance by Captain Jack Sparrow, she’s the one with the skull and crossbones party hat!  Just click on our Family  page.






Current Prayers Requests



We can be reached through our alicewestlind@yahoo.com


Please Note: chicanicol2010@fibertel.com.ar  will NOT be in use after June 20, 2008.



Now that the cbCIPE conference is over we want to pray for the cbCIPE leaders and students as God continues to speak to each of their lives throughout the year. 

Pray that they begin to hear and know the direction that Jesus has for them and that the Holy Spirit will fill them with wisdom as they absorb, digest and apply what they learned,  responding to God’s command, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” 

See our Ministry page for the whole story and our Gallery above for complete photos of the event.






On our recent mission trip with Montecito Covenant Church in the city of Bernardo de Irigoyen, we met the brothers pictured here, Brian and Carlos. They both attended the Vacation Bible School and quickly attached themselves to our group and to our hearts. 

Their need for attention and love emanated as they were obviously outcasts in this small pueblo. 

Please pray for their lives and that our church in Bernardo de Irigoyen will continue to fight for equality and justice in their community and in the lives of children such as these.  Click on our Ministry page for the whole story and more pictures about our work team experience.



For the term of the new president of the Argentine Covenant Church Elias Piñeyro.  Elias is the  pastor of Comunidad de la Gracia Covenant Church in La Plata.

Please pray for his ability to be commensurate with the past vision and lead us into new territory in the future.



Mark has been assigned as the new director of theological education for the Covenant in Argentina. Our hope is that pastors and leaders across the country will be academically and spiritually challenged and that the new curriculum will be satisfactory to the new requirements in place by the Argentina government. Further, we expect this course of study to be the impetus for propelling some students toward courses in our mission-sending school.



Please continue to pray for the establishment of the mission sending school here in Argentina. We are all on the same page and are looking for assistance with both funding (for building) and warm bodies (for helping)!!!! 



If you feel like a warm body ready to help with a work project here in either La Plata or Bernardo de Irigoyen,  please pray about it and please,  please contact us about the possibilities.