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Newsletter 2005

Newsletter Nº 2



Annoucing our new website!


We are happy to announce that our website is finally up and running! Just log on www.westlindsontheweb.com.ar and learn about our new Ministry in Argentina or our latest Praise and Prayer Requests plus lots more!


Newsletter Nº 1



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"Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken or my covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you." (Isa 54:10)


Mark, Alice Nils, Natalia and Nicole have claimed this wonderful Bible verse for our family this year! If I could paraphrase this verse to fit our lives it would go something like this...


Though our world was shaken when we left Chicago and moved to Argentina, and our firstborn left the nest to inhabit a college dorm, God was there in our mixed emotions of excitement and sadness, gently guiding as His peace reigned in each one of us amidst our transition, because the Lord longs to have compassion on us.


We are excited to see how God is showing and teaching each of us new things about Himself, whether at North Park University in Chicago or Buenos Aires! The Argentine people and their culture have been a great source of joy for the four of us.


As you can see below some of their culture has already rubbed off as we sip "Mate" from our "Materos".


Mate, or the heavenly herb as we call it, is a tea that is an integral part of Argentine life. It is sipped daily and sometimes various times a day.

The Hierba Mate (or tea leaves) and the gourd that one drinks from all hail from the same tree. The bombilla is the strainer straw. Argentine's who travel the world often leave a good space in the suitcase for this wonderful herb! Since the gourd is shared around the circle of friends, it becomes a very social event. To top off our cultural adjustments, we are now the proud owners of the Dogo Argentino pictured below. "Dogos" were bred for hunting wild boar and puma in Argentina. They can reach between 120 and 165 lbs. His name is Gaucho and you can see more of him on our New Website!


Yes, we are happy to announce we're up and running, so log onto www.westlindsontheweb.com.ar to our Ministry or Praise & Prayer Requests or Family pages.

We would like to encourage all of you, our supporters throughout these many years, to use this site as it will contain all current information about us and hopefully replace our newsletters.

We are aware that some of you will still prefer receiving our newsletters through the mail and that is ok! Just fill in the portion below as indicated and we'll make sure you are kept in the loop.

Finally, as always we are so thankful to God for friends like you. And we are thankful to God that He can transcend our relationships, surroundings and circumstances. So whether we are in Colombia, Chicago, California or Argentina we are remembering and praying for you.

Celebrate with us because this is the season when Christians throughout the entire world celebrate the Savior of the entire world, Jesus Christ. We Celebrate His Birth!


The Westlind Family